Adventures - Of a Different Kind

These days I am experiencing an adventure of a different kind. The less imaginative among us call it cooking !!!

The whole process starts off with a very complex decision making exercice - what do I cook today? This decision is complicated by the innumerable dependencies that needs to be considered before reaching an optimal solution, such as how much time do I have, what vegetables are available (and ofcourse, which of these will last just one day and hence have to be definitely included in the day's menu).

The next step is cutting the vegetables. Here the villian is onions, which form an integral part of most recipes ! Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, onions were one of my favorites, but have since quickly fallen out of favour, keeping in line with "anyone who makes you cry is not worth the effort, however nice they might otherwise be" Advice from pros in the field ranged from wrapping a towel around my nose to cutting the onions after placing them under water. Anyway nothing seems to ease my agony.

N ow, the final step of actual cooking. It always ends up being over cooked or undercooked, too little salt or too much salt and so on, but never 'jus right'. And all this happens in just a moment. I mean, one moment the onions are still very pink and the next moment they are all black, leaving me searching for that elusive 'crispy golden brown'. Or take tomatoes, in the blink of an eyelid they turn from uncooked to overcooked and skinless...

Now, if all this doesn't qualify for an adventure, I don't know what will...

But the best part of the story is the climax, when my hubby sits down to stomach the results of my experiments. He always eats the food with a pleasant face, never complaints and even manages to reassure me "everything is jus right!!!"....Well, almost always ;)


Naveen V Nair said…
Woowww.. cool post.. :-) incidentally drink water when u cut onions.. won't cry as much.... :-) seeee.... u can learn stuff even from grad students stayin across oceans.. :-)

oh..btw.. have a happy married life... and, again, AWESOME blog !!!
Tinkerbells said…
@naveen: thnks for the compliments !!! well, drinking water and cuttin onions..sounds fishy...but still shall give it a try !!!
nala pachakam illey?
damayanthi aano cooking??

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