Malaysia...Truly Truly Asia !!!

My honeymoon was in Malaysia !!! Thoroughly enjoyed myself....went to Langawi islands ,Genting Highlands, KL and Terranganu. The last one was to visit my aunt who is stationed there. There is nothing much else to that place. Fond memories from the other 3 places were:
1. I went parasailing and jet skiing. I am not really the adventurous and sporty types...but these activities really boosted my confidence...thnks hubby, for encouraging me!!
2. The sea in Langawi was as quiet as a sleeping baby. After being used to the passionate Arabian Sea in my hometown, this was initially a disappointment. However, this helped me to learn swimming and thus my hubby kept a promise made years back to teach me swimming!
3. In Genting, I realised I still haven't fully overcome my fear of adventure rides and chickened out from two of them at the last moment. My hubby celebrated the trip by promptly paying a fortune to purchase a snap of us travelling in a roller coaster where I am screaming my lungs out, with eyes tightly shut while he is coolly whistling away with eyes wide open.
4. KL ofcourse was jus like any big city - however, I met 2 of my cousins for the first time. Even met the Chinese fiancee of the elder brother. The third cousin whom I've met more often gave her single room for us to stay for 2 nites while she slept in the couch. I was really touched by that gesture.
PS: Highlight of the trip was when my hubby dear told the gentleman seated next to us on our way back "My fiancee works in ....." and then immediately corrected..."No, no, wife works in...."


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