R for Random

Often life is strange and meanders through paths hitherto unknown to you - and then you get surprised - by the way you act and the way others react ...On that note, here is a list of random thoughts for you dear reader to chew on:

1. Sometimes there is no logical explanation ...and sometimes there are more than one.
2. Often you think you have simplified and you end up complicating it further.
3. Sometimes an act of kindness is perceived as anything but...
4. You try to bring happiness to someone's heart and you end up having quite the opposite effect..
5. Sometimes you think you have the freedom only to painfully realize that you exceeded your brief.
6. One day you feel like a princess and then you realize the clock has struck 12.
7. The human brain is a complicated organ, the human heart is even more so.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a child, when mistakes are more readily forgiven, people are easier to please (good behaviour and good acads is all that you need) and life is a jolly merry go round. 


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