Of Stories Untold...

We all have them, don't we? I used to write stories as a child, when my imagination had wings - just like my dreams. I guess the biggest disappointment that experience brings is knowledge - knowledge that forces you to cut your dreams to size! Yea, that's ironic, I know.

Shouldn't experience actually give you the power to dream bigger and better? But, unfortunately that never happens ....Most people slowly turn their colourful dreams into monochromatic goals as time goes by...Add limited resources of money and time into the mix and you have a lousy cocktail - recipe for a hangover headache !

As a child, you are never worried about whether your dreams can turn into reality...You live in that heady cloud where dreams seamlessly blend into reality and vice versa..I vaguely remember reading in my Malayalam text book ages back about how Vivekananda used to fall asleep as a child - apparently, only enlightened souls such as him and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa fall asleep like that! It was news to me - till then I had never spared a thought on how sleep envelopes me...but after that, I have consciously tried to remember that tipping point when all consciousness is lost and sweet sleep washes over you.

I want to go back to writing stories - well, someday !


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