Q for Quest

A birthday is as good a time as any to do some serious introspection and figure out what is your life's quest.

But, I am not going to do that. April-May are usually extremely happy months for me and though the heat this time around is oppressing, my natural cheer that comes with the season is very much on !

I am doing things I love and I am happy to be alive !

Yes, there are day to day challenges, but what is life without a few mountains to climb?

So, yes, the quest for oceans to swim,
for clouds to float on,
for rainbows to watch
for magic to unfold ...
...it continues...
The quest for ...
The healing touch
The warm embrace
The passionate lips
The eyes that speak a thousand stories...
..all are satiated !

P.S: This one is for my sweetheart...whom I hardly ever thank...


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