L for..

what else, but love ! With so many definitions, poems, stories et al, what more could I possibly write about the sweetest, nastiest emotion!

Well, for starters, love is as unique as a fingerprint - everyone loves differently...In fact, love is a combination of what transpires between 2 objects - which means the sheer permutations of it is unimaginably huge ! I may love different people differently - add the dimension of time to it and you realize how varied this complex emotion can be !

Anu (regular readers know her by now, and I am too lazy to link up) asked me in my previous post as to why I like to make someone's day so much - people are responsible for making their own day ! Well, the short answer is 'love'. The long answer is - well, that is also 'love' - or maybe the need to be loved - or both. I feel happy seeing a smile on another person's face - I can't see my own smile unless I pose vainly in front of a mirror - so it is easier to focus on other people's smiles. Well, I am in no way an angel - let alone a self-sacrificing one. I can be as nasty as they come, but still very often I go out of my way to make someone smile, especially if it is not expected of me.

Yea, that's the beauty of love - you can't force it. Tell me that I ought to do it, and I often resist strongly. But, in situations where I am a stranger, I enjoy giving that little extra of myself. The sheer look of pleasant surprise in someone's face - priceless !

Love can hurt deeply too. I have been lucky - if you go by the traditional definition of love - I have loved only once - and all my energies are devoted to polishing that love, that I have no eyes for another. But, sometimes you end up loving someone who never deserved it. The biggest tragedy of such a situation is not that the relationship didn't work out or that it caused emotional hurt. It is the self-doubt. You doubt your instincts and wonder where you went wrong. Even when the whole world sees that you clearly couldn't have done anything more, you wonder if there was something you could have done. I am yet to come across someone who wrote off the losses lightly.

Sometimes love can be funny. You love someone, but the other party never knows about it. As long as you are ok with it, this situation can be quite hilarious !

I have read somewhere about positive and negative emotions - I wonder where love falls in that spectrum...Maybe, love is omnipresent !

Some people swear by more mature forms of love - quiet acceptance and calm waters. I personally enjoy the heady rush of crazy passionate love - where you take risks, your heart races in anticipation, your smile is the brightest, and overall you perform at your peak !

I hope my kids enjoy the heady rush of crazy love and that the recipients prove worthy of it for an entire lifetime! 


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