H for Holidays

..specifically the one which I recently took. I went off on a vacation with my son to Singapore. It is unheard off in my part of the world to be travelling without your hubby, especially if it is not on official duty ! Having a small child who also got left behind, meant that the gossip mongers in town had a field day...Doubts were cast on the stability of our marriage and were put to rest only when people were reassured that it was hubby who helped me book hotels and plan the itinerary. I was irritated by members of family who were taken aback by the idea - they have never even casually asked why I wasn't accompanying my hubby on the numerous vacations that he took post marriage, without me in tow !

Anyway, my son and myself had an amazing time - we enjoyed thoroughly, and I realized that I wouldn't have had the courage to take such a vacation in India, thus reinforcing my belief that I want to live abroad - someday ! The sheer freedom and variety of choice in other countries is mind boggling. I didn't have to suffer cat calls or lewd looks despite dressing the way I felt like ! No restaurant waiter waited 'till the rest of the family came in' to hand me the menu. I was treated with dignity, respect and even a lot of friendliness by taxi drivers.

We stayed in a hotel for a couple of days and spend a couple of days with a dear friend. He and his amazing wife went out of the way to make the vacation memorable for us. Despite the language barrier, she became thick friends with my son - cooking him dosas, making an elaborate dinner just for us, getting the fluffliest blanket for him, accompanying us for shopping, helping us pack and even buying us both thoughtful gifts. I was really glad to get to know her as an individual and not just as x's wife.

The trip gave me the much needed confidence in myself that I had lost slowly but steadily in the last couple of years.

Since, hubby's new year resolution remains same every year - 'travel more' - I have decided to make the best of it in 2016. Here's to more holidays !


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