I for..

I. Yes, this is gonna be the year that will be post, albeit a week late. This year, the theme is going to be I, me, myself. I want to focus on me as an individual. I will spend time on improving myself as a human being - spiritually, professionally and economically. It also means that i will try to improve my performance in various roles - that of wife, mother, daughter, friend etc. But, I shall ensure that the focus is on me and I will write the definition of what success means, and which roles matter. 

Over the course of a lifetime, several roles get thrust on you. Being a woman and that too in a conservative small town, means that you are guilt tripped into donning all those thorn-crowns. This year, shall be about celebrating the things I value most. In an earlier post, I wrote about how some of the realities in my life have been far better than what I could even dream of. This year will be about enjoying those realities. No more postponing anything to a later date. I shall also bring in more spontaneity into my life - both hubby and self love spontaneity and over the past few years we have been forced to be far less spontaneous than we like to be - thanks to an increase in responsibility at both home and professional fronts. But, I shall try to introduce the joy of spontaneity into my children's lives this year - I am not sure how they will take it, but then, that's the fun of being spontaneous. And with that we come to my wish for my dear readers...

May you have the eyes to notice the dew drops and the clouds..
May you have the heart to laugh like a child...
May you have the health to celebrate adventures that lie waiting for you at every corner...
May you have the strength to explore un-chartered waters..
After all, somewhere deep in the ocean, there maybe fresh water springs waiting for you !


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