F for...

"Let's play a game"
"You should tell me the first word that comes to mind without thinking"
"A for"
"B for"
"C for"
"F for"
"You are fibbing. That is not the first word that came to your mind"
Surprised and flummoxed "Of course. Why do you think that is not the first word that came to my mind ?"

"Because that is not the first word that comes to anyone's mind"

Now further confused "Then is it First?"

"Don't act innocent"

"Innocent? Eh, what has this got to do with innocence"

Now the other party is confused ..."Don't tell me you don't know"

"Know what?"

"The F word"

"The F word? What is that?"

Much as he wanted to flirt with me all those years ago, and wanted to see my blushing face; the gentleman that he was ensured that it had quite the opposite effect - he was blushing thoroughly and I was fully confused ! He quickly ended the conversation with a "You go figure out yourselves" ...and then later told me "Don't ever let anyone use that word to you"....

This conversation will always have a happy place in my heart...And so, here's to all the wonderful F words - fun, friendship and faith !


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