D for Dream

Dreams...well, its soo close to my heart that I am feeling tongue tied !

Like most kids, my earliest dream was to be a pilot. Something which today I know will always remain a dream !

Then came soo many dreams - some came true, some didn't and in some cases the reality was far better than I could even dream of !

Anu has written about partners supporting and sharing dreams...I have nothing more to add ! Except that when one is soo used to getting 100%, giving up 50% seems like a huge loss and even though it will sound fair when spoken about in general, in reality not many men would do it for their spouses - not even the ones who would nod their head in approval when they see the TVC.

Having common dreams is soo much fun...What better enjoyment can life give than having a partner who dreams the same dreams ! Well not all dreams, but a few.

Sometimes having secret dreams and striving for them without anyone's knowledge is also fun - the thrill is similar to reading an Enid Blyton book.

Even if no one believes in your dreams, dream on. All loneliness and self doubt will pass when your dreams come true !

Ok, enough of gyaan...let me get back to my dreams !


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