The Year That Was

2013 - was a year I'd rather delete from my memory. Life was fine till April, but then it was mostly a downward spiral. We went to Hongkong for a vacation in May and that was the best (and probably the only) memory that I will carry forward with me. It was picture perfect in all sense !  
I shifted my family back to my home town. This meant that I was travelling every week, missing my son and playing an increasingly difficult game of trying to perform a good role at both work and home. It was one of those situations, where you are forced to do something knowing fully well that your life will change irrevocably for the worse, but still you end up doing it. All those self-help gurus who say 'you always have a choice' don't realise that sometimes the choice is between the devil and the deep sea. And you jump into the deep sea, hoping that you will find the inner strength to swim across - but, practically, most often than not, it never works that way. Maybe, selling my soul to the devil would have been easier !
My patience with people trying to infringe on my freedom has reduced further and today, I have learnt the art of telling people to 'F off' if they cross limits.
I also had my brush with serious illness during the year and I knew depths of pain I had never experienced before ! I experimented briefly with spirituality and learnt that people are generally very uncomfortable with the slightest form of deviant behaviour.
Fleetingly happy moments were had around the birthdays of loved ones which were all celebrated in style. My son is growing up to be a sensitive and loving child - with a cheeky sense of humour that I enjoy.
I am looking forward to my vacation in Australia next week....I will be posting my New Year post after I come back...await more news !


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