Not sure if this is what is commonly referred to as the mid-life crisis, but I am definitely going through this weird feeling day in-day out. I feel trapped in a cage, constantly trying to escape, bruising my wings in the process. Yes, a wiser bird may have either resigned to its fate and adjusted well or better still planned an escape for a later date when the time comes...
But I am way too passionate to do either. I want to get away and get away now !!! (yes, stomping my feet like a small child throwing a tantrum)
I hate the city that I am living in currently and I hate living without my hubby and baby - so I really don't know the way out !
In fact, the hatred is soo deep that it is now internalized. I no longer have the energy to explain to anyone why I don't like to live in this city - I just don't like it here, and it is draining my physical and emotional energies !
I wish life was not complicated !


Anonymous said…
“If there is no solution to the problem then don't waste time worrying about it. If there is a solution to the problem then don't waste time worrying about it.” -Dalai Lama.

Lama kokke enthum parayaam:)

- Meena chechi
Tinkerbells said…
@meena chechi: The problem is that I don't know if there is a solution which i am unable to see...
Pinne, lammakokke enthum parayam ! Verythe aano tibet ippozhum chinade kayyil thanne irikkunnathu...

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