Meeting Cousins

My cousins from my maternal side have arrived for vacation with their babies. I surprised myself with how excited I was at the prospect of meeting them. The initial plan was for me to meet them in their native place. However, an impending vacation meant that it was difficult for hubby to take further leave.

Both their in-laws are in the city where I work and I decided to meet them there, instead.  I wasn't very sure how comfortable I would be to meet them there, (especially without my hubby, who is usually the conversation starter) but I decided to do it nevertheless. Turns out, my fears were unnecessary. I had a great time meeting both cousins, catching up with news about our lives, sharing worries about parents getting old, cribbing about managing work and kids - turns out most problems are universal. We do the best we can, knowing fully well how inadequate that 'best' often is...

I was happy that I got fed sumptuous meals in both places - food always affects my moods !

As the year is slowly winding to a close, I am eagerly looking forward to 2014. I thought 2013 will change my life. Well, it did change quite a bit. The surprise though is that 2014 is gonna come with even bigger changes - changes I never foresaw !

The introspection post will soon arrive.


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