Calling It Quits...

I always wonder when do you decide to call it quits? Whether it is a relationship or a project or a career or a new dress or anything where you have invested significant time, money and effort - when it goes through rough waters - when do you decide "no more!" ?
How is it possible to calculate whether struggling further would bring more misery or whether there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
How do you put aside your ego and feelings and think rationally? Or is rational thinking even the right approach? Afterall, human beings are irrational animals ... Deciding to quit and move on is a painful decision - it is like death - final. As long as you are alive, there is still hope atleast ! But sometimes death does bring peace, right?
I am sure if I search online I would get frameworks and tools to help make the decision on whether to strive harder or change course ! But, who can paint the future? Assuming the future is in your own hands, how do you act in a way that optimizes your dreams without crushing others' dreams ? Or do you just go ahead like a steamroller and hope that everyone in your path also has a choice - either to remain standing and get crushed or move sideways and save themselves? I am confused, sad, angry, and bitter ! Worse still, I don't have a solution - not even a long term one! Then again, in the long term, we are all dead - so there is still hope !


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