April Sunshine

Yes, in more ways than one, summer is here ! My resolution for March has been to talk positive. Well, didn't always work - given my short temper, it was anyway quite a challenge...But, a lot of nice things happened in March. My sis came visiting - and we did find some time to spend with each other !
I have been focusing heavily on managing my finances in the last couple of months - learnt a lot of new things. If you want to improve your financial literacy - this is a good place to start. The advice there will not confuse you, and it will not goad you into buying products that you will regret later. If you have a mathematical bend of mind like me, then go here. The financial calculators are elegant and nicely done, and you need to give very less inputs!
This month is going to be all about action. I have spend almost a year thinking and planning - and now I am going to put all that into practice - in my professional life, in managing my finances and so on. The baby steps have already been taken and if I persist with them till end of year, I would surely be better off than when I started.
Looking forward to the elements of April that always make me cheerful !


Anonymous said…
Hi Tinkerbells,

Thanks for the referral. Happy to note you like math. If you would like some calculator ideas implemented do let me know.
Tinkerbells said…
Hi Sir,

Welcome to my personal blog.


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