The Year That Was

Yes, it is that time of the year when I take stock! If there is one word that would describe the year gone by, it is ‘change’. I turned 30 (‘old’, by my own definition 15 years back), and became a lot wiser. Experience is of course, a great teacher! I changed jobs and I changed cities, both of them for the better (or so I hope!). I have put my kid in playschool and that required a huge change in my psyche.

During the year I tried to do some form of self improvement from time to time, but wasn’t hugely successful. I traveled internationally with my kid and that was something I always wanted to do.

There weren’t any major disappointments and thus here goes a genuine note of gratitude to the God within us and to friends, loved ones and strangers who have brought smiles to my face last year knowingly or unknowingly!
Wish You All Joy and Peace !


Anonymous said…
Wish you a joyous new year!

- Meena chechi
rocksea said…
wish you all the happiness this year, let it be as good as or much better than the last year, for you :)


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