First Day in School

Yep, after much deliberation I have put my son in playschool starting today. Only time will tell if my decision was the right one in terms of choice of school, timing etc. The school was good in a lot of respects and satisfied most of my criteria – a healthy student-teacher ratio, clean environment, and insistence on not wearing a diaper and so on. However, one major flip side is that his teacher's daughter is in the same class and the teacher is not mature enough to treat her as 'just another student'. Therefore, that child is perpetually on the teacher's lap and gets most of her attention…I wonder how the other kids will react to this.


I had mixed emotions the previous night as I still feel that 2.3 is too young an age to be taken away from home. However, I am sick and tired of the constant bullying from both sets of parents (mine and hubby's – one by an act of commission and the other by an act of omission, but more on that later) and hence have decided that maybe its time to teach him the ways of the world. Hopefully this will help us as a family to be more pleasant and happy and also finally let me and hubby have a more meaningful life….


I am not clear on what I want my son to achieve through his formal schooling, either. Although I did a lot of research on child development and visited dozens of playschools, before zeroing in on one, I am still not fully satisfied. I guess, moms will never be. My hubby dreads the thought of us finding a bride for our baby – He says I will never say 'yes' :P


Ultimately, like all parents, even I want the best for my son – I want him to grow up to be a kind, compassionate, loving, generous individual. Most importantly, while I wish for only good things to happen to him, I want him to be able to deal with the invariable setbacks in life with a positive attitude and never lose hope. At the end of it all, he should have the feeling of a life well lived. All this would depend a lot on what experiences life has in store for him – schooling being one among many. I might soon do a post on what specific skills I want my son to have…


I might show this post to my son at a later age, and I want him to know that I am not a perfect mom, but definitely one who wants his happiness more than anything else in this world!


Just In: My son just came back from school. He seems to have enjoyed the place. However, there is a clear lack of sincerity among staff. He was given water to drink and had drenched himself. No one bothered to change his clothes! Is poor pay a reason for this negligence?


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