It's Thursday and time to update on my resolutions. Well, waking up at 6:00 Am has been a disaster, primarily because I got hold of an interesting book and kept reading it till 12:00 every night. So, I have decided to modify the resolution to Go to sleep by 11:00 PM and wake up by 6:00 AM. But, I have managed to keep my cool with my son, so that is still continuing to be a great success. It was a stressful fortnight, what with my mom having a minor surgery, the maid quitting, the new maid being awful, my dad falling sick in US and to top it all, baby scared me by falling down flat on his face and blood started coming from his nose. I freaked out, but thankfully it was just a single drop and it stopped. I am proud of the way I handled it - usually I would scream out and that would frighten him further leading to a downward spiral for both of us. He is a sensitive soul who would start crying the moment he sees me upset, so I am always forced to recover quickly from any negative emotions I might have :P. This time, I just decided to take the day off from work, cried out in the bathroom and smiled at him as if nothing was wrong. That helped him forget his pain faster and I guess we are finally learning how to handle each other quite well.
And now on to resolution number 3. I want something that I can achieve, given the failure of resolution no.2, so I have been racking my brains for what it should be. I am going to have a tough time for the next couple of weeks, with my dad coming home sick and am not sure how I will manage everything. My son has started showing interest in story books (not long stories, but those 2-3 page books with just 1-2 lines in each page) so, I have decided that I am going to buy some nice story books for him and read to him every day. He still ends up tearing his books while trying to flip the pages (not purposefully, but accidentally), so I am going to keep these books with me and just take them out for story time. Right now, me being highly unorganized, he has more loose sheets of papers than books.
So here goes:
1. Be patient with my son and don't scream at him
2. Go to bed by 11:00 and wake up by 6:00
3. Get some good story books for baby and read to him for 15 minutes every day.


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