If someone you care for (let's call him/her A) gets hurt by your behaviour to B who is someone you don't care for (rather someone you abhor from the very depths of your heart, which you previously didn't know existed...), then do you apologize to B for the sake of A? Or do you remain true to your convictions?

Complicating elements of the puzzle:

1. You adore A as much as you abhor B
2. A adores B as much as you abhor B
3. B has hurt you with words and actions in every encounter
4. You don't have the choice of an open communication with B, where you can tell him/her how much you get irritated by the way s/he treats you


Alex said…

I dont think it is possible to abhor B as much as you adore A. because if such is teh case, it can only remain a puzzle.

But whatever it is, i would stick to my convictions and not do anything for the sake of A.
Tinkerbells said…
@alex: yea, B is a non-entity for all practical purposes, hence can't abhor B as much as I adore A...stickin to convictions...easier said than done...I atleast couldn't....the feelin of guilt that the sight of an unhappy A gives, is too difficult to handle :P
bombay dosti said…
please... to abhor someone is no description of a conviction... therefore if i adore A, a small making up with B is nothing much..
any reason to make someone feel better... is worth it.. :)
Tinkerbells said…
@bd: my first reaction to ur comment was "we women are all alike" hehe On second thoughts...
well, "abhoring someone" was not the conviction that i wanted o stick to...the conviction was that "thou shall not apologise unless thou is convinced that thou is wrong or has unknowingly hurt another person. Lack of social nicety is no reason for an apology especially when these niceties are a one way street" ... "any reason to make someone feel better"...not too sure...the eternal conflict in my mind is "your truth vs other's happiness"
Anonymous said…
Indeed We Women are all alike!!!! :O
Tinkerbells said…
@anon: :P ...as an aside, do I know you?
Anonymous said…
:D hehe.. Dont think so.. :)

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