Can Someone Lend Me...

...some time? Yea, you heard me right... these days my life has taken on a very hectic hue...and I find a lot of people around me with a lot of time on their hands...if only they could give some of that to, its not that I don't organise my time properly...I accomplish a lot of things in my 24 hours...But, I really would love to pack in some more...And here goes my wish list...I need more time ...

1. To read the newspaper in the morning
2. To watch television in the evening
3. To snuggle up with a book...more often than now
4. To make my house spotless during weekends
5. To plant my roses
6. To watch the rain (and not worry about the wet clothes, the unwashed clothes, the uncooked meals, the power failure, et al)
7. To listen to music (not just in the car, in between conversations...rather the unadulterated joy of being one with the song)

I wish I had more time, so that I need not prioritise...and let go of some of my favorite things...just 'cos they aren't important enough in the larger scheme of things...


alex said…
You are tagged!
Tinkerbells said…
@alex: I know you haven't understood my post :P ....Read it once more, I said I already don't have time....and there you are giving me a tag....hehe...But pleasure is mine...and I've done the tag.
alex said…

LOL. Yeah.

My mistake. But the choice to do it or not is yours. :)

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