When a chauffeur's board replaces a warm welcome smile,
When a strip of medicines by the bedside replaces a loving tender hand on a burning forehead,
When money replaces "being there" ....

A passionate heart gets replaced by a cold stone :(


alex said…

Such are the ways of the world-us. :)

You have been tagged.
Tinkerbells said…
@alex: times I wish they make another planet hospitable soon, so that I can shift residence :)
Saw the tag... will do it in a day or two...
alex said…

The same people would follow you there too. :)
manuscrypts said…
but hopefully, not irrevocably :)
Tinkerbells said…
@alex: heheheeee
@manuscripts: welcome to my blog:)definitely not irrevocably...i believe the human heart is like water - it changes texture based on the surrounding temperature :)

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