Two Different Sets

Parents...they come in all shapes and is a profile of two different sets....

The first set, gloats and gloats....about their kids....about how brilliant they are....about how they are inevitable to the organizations where they work...about inflated salaries...unfortunately, these people don't realise that at least our generation is roughly aware of salary bands and this kind of mindless boasting just makes them laughing stock in our eyes...and this gloating doesn't stop with just career...their kids seem like God's blessing to mankind..."Oh, my daughter is soooo beautiful" ...."His wife is amazinggggg "(even if everyone knows they are on the verge of a divorce!!)

The second set is quite the opposite...they always play their kids down...even if they are the best in school, the parents' version will be "He is not really making use of his potential" ...."Oh his salary is nothing worth writing home about" (despite being a fast tracker in the workplace) ..."she is working in XYZ, but ABC is a far better company" and so on.....

I wonder, what triggers these seemingly opposite but equally irrational behaviour !!! - After all, most of the times the hapless listener doesn't even know their kid and is even less interested in his/her fortune/misfortune...and more so if the fortune/misfortune is a product of vivid imagination without a trace of reality....

Personally, I don't approve of both these sets of behaviour and whenever a parent starts off on this kid praising/kid bashing session I conveniently try and change the topic to the weather !!!


alex said…
Both kinds of behaviour is justified by the respective parents.

The first kind might feel that praising their children in front of a crowd portrays their 'good' upbringing. At times, they might say so out of pure earnestness, though this i guess form a minority.

The second and more interesting kind, are usually people who are educated, who inwardly praise their children. But either for fear of instilling confidence or thinking that their children would understand, continuously undermine their talents.

I wonder why! Children need not become like their parents and though parenting plays a vital role in shaping a child, other factors like friends, society, religion etc play an important role.

Both these type of parents act in their extreme self interest and rarely our of ignorance.
Tinkerbells said…
Yea, I agree...but more than self-interest I think it is insecurity on the part of the parents...about whether they are doing their job rite...I think as you said parents need to realise that there are a lot of other things which influence their children's future and behaviour and hence jus take a deep breath and relax....then again, maybe when we reach their age, we might end up being worse off :P

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