Corporate Weirdos - Part 5

This weirdo species has all my sympathies - 'cos they are mostly novices in the corporate jungle...and i call them the "Corporate Scapegoats" (CSG for short)....every workplace that I know of has them....and they are identified by the following characteristics :

1. New to the corporate world - these species quickly and effectively morph within a year or two, shedding their goat skin for more sophisticated ones...

2. Do not know CYA - They are still human enough to believe that a spoken word is good enough and hence are not capable of sending e-mails to their peers in the next desk with titles like FYI (for your information) or to clients which re-iterate "As discussed over phone..." all of which are essentially just to Cover Your A@# (CYA)

3. Whine, whine - They do not know how to avoid the cardinal sin of saying "I don't want to/have to do this". Being new comers in the jungle, they are saddled with the kind of work that others don't want to be doing....being the goats that they are, the CSGs whine about this...about anyone who will lend them a patient ear and ultimately even to the boss....and here is where the fun starts....the boss who is invariably straddled with more promotion requests than he can ever satisfy at any given point in time, seizes this opportunity....and allows the CSG to move on to another assignment (which in all probability is more problem ridden)...the CSG is all happy and satisfied...until his appraisal time when he would be made a scapegoat for being "not flexible...not willing to take on responsibility" and so on....

P.S This post is dedicated to someone I know whom I desperately tried to save from this trap and well, I failed....


-T'Sme said…
Interesting...As always, we need to "talk"


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