Living on the Edge

Imagine you suddenly find yourself at the edge of a cliff....When you peer down all you see is darkness...But there is an extremely reliable signboard which says that once you let go and do a free fall a beautiful valley awaits you....You also have the choice of turning back and walking on steady ground....Most of us, when faced with this situation, surprisingly choose neither to courageously (or rashly, depending on your viewpoint) jump down, nor to walk back....We just stay a sort of suspended animation (and definitely suspended judgement) and keep looking down and looking behind....literally living on the edge....

Wonder why we all dread drastic changes...why comfort zones and known devils are always better than uncertainity and unknown friends......

Maybe that's why financial analysts world over conclude that more than 80% of people surveyed have "moderate" risk appetite :P


crocodile said…
Maybe because most believe that If Its Too Good To Be True, Then It Is Not True !!
Reminds me of the Ad from ICICI Bank, of a 30 yr or so watching the rain fall, in his 'retired' life - you retire from work, not from your life - it goes!!
Personally, if I always feel uncomfortable till I see the "Tank" in the ad !!!
Maybe people just distrust too much good news.

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