Weekend Blues

I thought about writing "Corporate Weirdos - Part 3 " and even saved the title in draft mode about 2 days back. The plan was to write about a highly evolved & mutated version of of the more commonly found 'Work Shirker'. I had got flash sightings of this species in the corporate jungle that I am part of, about 2 days back when I saved the title in the draft mode. However, I forgot to map the key characteristics in my mind's camera and now it's gone. And the more generic species has enough written about it, so I don't want to add my two pence. Whenever the next sighting of this species occurs, I shall update you about the same.

But today, I am gonna write about "Weekend Blues" .Yea, you read that right...Not "Monday Morning Blues", but on the contrary "Weekend Blues".
Definition of "Weekend Blues" from Tinker Bells Dictionary of Terms
"You have been working for 12-16 hours from Monday to Friday and your universe revolves around your organization. Come Friday evening and you have no clue how to spend your weekend in an enjoyable way. You don't want to see the same faces that you have seen for the past 5 days (ppl at work, I mean). But ironically, you don't know whether other faces exist, outside work. The only tasks that stare you on your face are mundane ones like washing clothes, cleaning your room, purchasing groceries...And hence you dread the arrival of the weekend, especially if you are staying away from family in a different city"

This is what I go through every Friday evening. Wonder how many of you out there go through the same...


Jas said…
I sure go through what you said. Friday evening i sit and think what exactly people all around the globe do on weekends!!!!!!
Tinkerbells said…
Hi Jas,

Welcome to my blog ! On hindsight, I can tell you that one should enjoy as much time as one can, when one is alone on weekends.. There will soon come a time when family pressures make you wish for a weekend all for yourselves !

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