The Power of Thoughts

So many people have written about it, but still very few of us put it to practice. And even fewer of us put it to practice consistently. I am referring to "If you really really want something then you will definitely get it". And I know its true. Everytime I have really really wanted something, I have always got it. Starting from small things like 'movie tickets for first day first show of a blockbuster' to big ones like my soulmate. But the point is I am not able to do it consistently. More often than not, I get bogged down by negative thoughts. And even a small negative thought can contribute significantly against realising your dreams. Still even after knowing all this, at times I let myself be dragged into abysmal amounts of self pity. That set me thinking...
Mostly, these negative thoughts come from prior negative experiences. And analysing backwards, these negative experiences happened 'cos of negative thoughts. Going backwards still further, I've realised that the first set of negative thoughts come not from one's own negative experiences but from the negative experiences of others and the negative stories they tell about those experiences. If that's the case, then if you raise a child by constantly reinforcing him/her with positive experiences and thoughts and teach him/her the power of thoughts then you have a sure winner on your hands !!! Instead, most of us raise our kids with ample dose of negativity under the excuse of 'equipping him to deal with setbacks in life'. My point is why should he ever have to deal with setbacks at all ?


Anonymous said…
setbacks in life are as real as the air we breathe and the water we drink, unless of course u r a wandering insane person with no dreams aspirations or relationships. The important thing is that children should be taught to appreciate others experiences but not to take it to heart cos it is the translation of some one else's experience ane not their own. They should not have those experiences leave an indelible impression on their own virgin minds. Just becos a kids mother had a traumatic experience with a dentist it doesnt mean that the kid already went to a dentist and had a very painful time. The children must realise that with more higher one's aspirations the higher the chances of setbacks and with each of them a learning experience the higher the level of success reached.

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