And I met them again...

.....on the blogger highway. Yea, I am talking about all those people who have entered my life at various points and then left leaving behind an indelible footprint. I found them again in cyberspace primarily through blogs and through orkut , both of which have fairly replaced IMs like yahoo and msn. Especially since most office networks have blocked IMs and most of the people I am referring to spend all their waking hours (and some sleeping hrs too) in office, I now look for long lost fellow hitchhikers (for want of a better term, since all of them are not friends) primarily in blog sites and orkut. The major advantage of blogs is that you can get to know what is happening in the other person's life without re-entering their lives...I mean, you can quickly stop by, read what's happening and move on, without so much as even leaving a comment...And as a friend mentioned here, you can do the same with orkut too, if you want to.

PS: This post was inspired by the blogs of people who fit the following description: -
"I have lost touch with them, don't want to get back in touch with them, but still am keen on knowing what's happening with them. Their happiness brings a smile to my face, their disappointments a tear to my eyes. But still, I jus want to remain at a distance and observe ...I do not want to reach out..."


Anonymous said…
don't want to get back in touch with them

do not want to reach out
Bombay Dosti said…
hey.. felt great to see my post linked in your blog.. and everything written before that too.And what you said makes a looooot of sense.. ya, just to be in touch without being in touch... thanks a lot..

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