"No Stock Markets, Please..."

This was my sis' response.
Flashback: Last weekend I had gone home and was playing with my nephew and the conversation playfully turned to what he should be when he grows up...and I suggested that he can learn the 'tricks of the trade' and be a full time investor in the capital markets. And that's when I got the response from my sis "No Stock Markets Please...". The reason given was that he would end up being obsessed with money. I of course tried countering it with whether my sis who is a software engg by profession is obsessed with programming. But, then it was in vain.
I have never understood why the typical middle class where I think I belong is almost always averse to the idea of making money. According to the middle class mentality, the only way in which money should be made is through the most laborious and time consuming way of working for someone else. Everything else is looked down upon....including entrepreneurship and capital markets which are considered as easy ways to lose hard earned money...and yea the stress is on hard earned...no money is worth it, even when it is legally earned unless it is 'Hard Earned'. Why so? A case of sour grapes???


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