A New Series

Ok, I'm yet to write more on The Fountain Head but I'll reserve that for another day. From today, for the next few posts I'm going to express MY opinions(and remember these are purely mine and so everyone else needs to take it with a pinch of salt etc etc) on certain things that seem quite weird to me/irritate me about corporate life a.k.a working for an MNC.

So here goes the first one...

The Self Righteous ....

Don't know whether you guys have ever noticed but there is this particular type of individual who is an absolute irritant in the cafeteria...You might be having an evening snack and sharing a harmless joke/pulling ur colleague's leg and both you and the colleague and the rest of the people in the group have no problems with it and are heartily laughing when suddenly this quiet listener jumps in and says "Now let's not have such culture sensitive jokes" or "let's not be chauvinistic" or some such comment...And the weird part in this is that this self righteous person shall even more happily joke about the same issue the very next minute...My point is that, he/she is not making this comment 'cos he/she feels strongly against it or 'cos he/she feels it is not the right place to make such a comment...Then what exactly is this person's agenda? I for one am totally flummoxed...but then again I can never understand why people yearn for brownie points...


Jas said…

An office colleague has recommended your blog to me and i have started reading it from Monday and I've read lot of your posts. Wanted to tell you I like your posts. The questions about when will you have a baby and the blog on credit stealers, so many things that i could relate to. Keep writing . Good blog. Although i think you should mention about yourself in your blog. Keep writing.

Tinkerbells said…
Hi Jas,
You've got me curious ! I wonder who recommends my blog - I don't have too many readers here..Anyway, glad to have you hear and welcome onboard !

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