Corporate Weirdos -Part 2

Today, I am gonna talk about someone you all would have definitely encountered in your work life...Much has been written about these kind of people and innumerable strategies have been developed on how to 'tackle' them. Yes, I am talking about the omni present Credit Stealer. And since enuf has been said and written about the generic credit stealer I am gonna talk here about a highly sophisticated sub-species named the Shrewd Credit Stealer (SCS, in short). These individuals are extremely shrewd - they do not steal credit from everyone in their team, nor would they take credit for the entire project/assignment. They would first churn out the cream and that's where their srewdness lies...They look out for the best performing sub-ordinates/colleagues and the most meaty part of the project/assignment. And then take credit for the 'creamy layer' (no pun intended) of the work done by the smartest team members, while at the same time showering praises to the rest of the team for the minor areas of the work. Now how does this help?? In multiple ways...First of all, the best performing sub-ords/colleagues who are most likely the SCS's toughest challenge when it comes to the next appraisal/promotion gets wiped out from the boss's radar in one swift stroke...Secondly, the SCS also gets credit for his/her amazing people skills which manages to bring to light the contributions of even the most insignificant contributors to the project which even the boss has overlooked. (Point to note: These contributions however are not significant enough to pose any major threat to SCS's career prospects in his office)...Have to run...shall continue later...


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