April & May is the time of anniversaries - my birthday, wedding, entry to corporate life, re-entry into my firm all happened in these 2 months. Summer is generally flush with positive memories for me. This time it was my younger one's first Vishu and that added to the charm. (A separate post on this one later)

Birthday: It was a fun day, I had my b'day cake. Hubby gifted me an amazing watch and the in-laws gifted me - yet another amazing watch ! And, I was thrilled - I love watches and perfumes and always love receiving these as gifts. The day was conspicuous by the absence of my birthday bouquet from the super boss and wishes from a dear friend.

Work Anniversary: It's been 11 years since I joined the workforce and 5 years in my current role. Being at the right place at the right time is far more important for career success than talent or hard work. And that is precisely where many women still lose out - late nite informal networking events are rarely attended by women, and their choice of work location is often dependent on the convenience of spouse, parents, children etc, and their career prospects are mostly not even a variable in the equation. Still, given the circumstances that I have chosen for myself, I am happy with my progress - as my hubby says, 'There is always a later bus to the destination' and if I may add 'after you have thoroughly enjoyed the scenery of the bus stop'.

Wedding Anniversary: Now, this one is complicated. Every time, we have a baby, our relationship goes through a really tough time, and I wonder which sage ever said that kids act as a glue in a marriage - definitely not for us. With busy and fulfilling careers, we depend on family to help us take care of kids - lots of people have strong opinions on why this should not be the case, but I find it natural - I grew up primarily with my grandparents and I wouldn't have wanted my childhood to not have them. Anyway, the associated family dynamics on both sides of the family make us feel lousy most days, but we are proud that we survived ! The more difficult question is on the long term - I still haven't come to terms with this city and I don't think I ever will.  How that will affect our relationship - only time can tell. I just hope love conquers it all ! After all, in those wee hours of the morning when your soul is awake, but your body is not, I reach out my hand and feel immensely happy that the hand that reaches out for mine is yours, dear hubby.


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