Airport Vistas

Some random observations (totally based on my experience - so don't generalize or take offence):

1. Most security guards spend an extra minute checking credentials of a single lady traveler and ask redundant questions such as "So you are travelling in Flight AI123 today?" Definitely not reducing security risks !

2. A lady in a business suit commands more respect than one in a saree ! If respect can be measured by "Which seat would you like today?" ; the no. of times you are referred to as 'Ma'am' etc.

3. The tearful farewells in the airport for families travelling to the Gulf, makes you wonder - Was the world a better place when smaller communities were self sufficient.

4.  Observing young kids dressed in age inappropriate clothes makes me puke - Yes, once they are old enough, let them choose what to dress in. But as a parent, why is it so difficult to accept that babies are not props ! And that comfort first, style later and vulgarity - best avoided.

5.  Even if you can afford it, and even when there is a book shop right in front of you, why do you choose not to buy a book and instead waste time and energy just cribbing about the late flight and the world in general ? (I was myself guilty of this, till I promised myself to make the best of the situation)


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