This Time Around...

"So, what's different this time around?" is a question I get asked often...Well, plenty ! For starters, I know that parenting, especially in the first year is not gonna be a rosy affair ! As one of my team members very encouragingly quipped, "When you have your first child, you become a mother. When you have your second child, you become a referee !"

Last time around I was far more healthy - however, by sheer will-power, I decided that this time too I shall work as much as possible and I am happy I managed to do it !

This time around expectations from others are far more tempered down...Yes, I am still upset that I don't get any kind of help from certain quarters, but I have learned to live with it.

The biggest change is that the last time around, I was hardly anticipating the baby to come - I had a good one more month to go officially...In fact, I had come home all set to celebrate Onam and then get back to work ! It all happened all of a sudden - one moment, I was pregnant and the next moment I had become a mother ! This time, the dates have already been fixed for the surgery and that is causing some amount of anxiety. Unlike last time, I splurged on buying clothes for myself and the baby.

Overall, the only thing that remains constant is the firm belief that, no matter what the hurdles, I am getting one more person into my life to love and that is gonna be one joyous roller coaster ride !


Sheeba Gandhi said…
Congrats on your new born! Hope you are doing well and the baby is doing fine!

I saw your post on facebook and remembered your blog. Good job writing it!

Warm regards,

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