The Smells That I Love..

1. Petrol - I lovvvve its smell - everytime we go into a petrol pump, I roll down the windows and enjoy the smell...Has been a habit from childhood..I have read later that it is harmful to health and that breathing petrol fumes is actually addictive - well, well !

2. Shoe Polish - The only reason I enjoy going to a shoe shop ! I have got ugly big fat feet and shopping for footwear is always a nightmare - the smell of shoe polish in the showroom is the only saving grace. My son's shoes are not made of leather though, and those shoes use some kind of a liquid polish, which doesn't smell great.

3. Detergent - I like the smell of freshly washed clothes - I also smell the detergent everytime I load the washing machine - it smells great ! BTW, how many of you have tasted soap?

4. New Books - The first thing I do when I get a new book is to smell it...In school, my drawing book had the best smell, and on the day when new books are distributed, I used to spend the entire day smelling my books.

I am craving for these smells in a big way ! Some say, my aneamia has got something to do with it - I wonder whether science backs up that argument....


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