Birthday Reflections...

One more year rollled by...10 years of professional life - but that's a post for another day...Several people wished me on my b'day - Thank God for Facebook notifications...Several years back someone told me that he felt offended when he took the time to wish someone for their birthday and that person replied to everyone in general 'Thank you all for the wishes !"...ever since that, I make it a point to individually reply back to all Facebook and sms wishes... The usual wishes from my financial services providers was a nice feel...for once they weren't peddling products..

The highlights of the day were the book I got as a gift from a dear friend and the cake that hubby got in the evening...The book review shall also be another post in itself !!!

I also watched Two States the previous nite and for the first time in my life I enjoyed the movie version more than the book - it brought about nostalgic memories of my B-school days - which almost seem like another lifetime when I look back today...

I also got the now regular flowers from my super boss whom I admire greatly for his people skills ! I also wondered whether the flowers will continue if I no longer work for the firm !

I was in a foul mood most of the day - my tolerance for people trying to tell me how to behave is drastically coming down ! The evening chocolate cake significantly perked me up though and I was glad for whatever I had in my life !

The basic foundations are all fine - the structure may take longer to build, but atleast it is not impossible...I am increasingly realising the virtue of patience !

Old age does come accompanied with wisdom :P


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