April Sunshine

April has always been a magical month for me ! It amazes me how the month manages to infuse me with a positive energy - the world seems a better place and suddenly problems which seemed insurmountable start feeling like small bumps in the road of life !

My friend came visiting last month and I realized how 'conversation starved' I was ! We spoke and spoke and spoke and I hardly let her have any sleep...It was 3 days of well-planned, royal fun ! She clicked pictures and uploaded them in facebook with some really catchy taglines !

The travel spree continued this month as well - we visited Mookambika on a quick 1 day trip. I realized once more how fragile my health was...Still, I enjoyed the trip...

My sister and nephew are back in town and this has not only added to the April sunshine, but has also made life much easier for me ! My son enjoys spending time with his cousin and apart from having to interfere occasionally to push aside the two warring parties, I get a lot of time to myself - the constant refrain of 'I don't have anyone to play with' is no longer there !!!

My vegetable garden is a new found passion - more about it in a separate post....

How can one talk about this month without mentioning the general elections ... It is one of the few occasions that I feel proud about India...Despite all its flaws, democracy is wonderful ! More personal fun was had, when the electoral officer wondered whether I was old enough to vote :P ...I went wearing a skirt and I was supporting my grandma...The guy refused to notice my bulging tummy and I was kicked to think that ppl still think I am half my age...My sis says the darkness in the booth aided my cause !

Today is Vishu - a new beginning for several agrarian communities across India...Here's wishing everyone prosperity !!!


Lol :-) Cheery and nice - I like this post.
Tinkerbells said…
Yep Anu...I love April !

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