The Year That Will Be...

Almost 10% of the not-so-new year is already gone past, and I was still struggling with this post ! Honestly, for the first time, I have no idea what I want from this year. I do not know if I'd have the courage to handle the sea changes that are staring at me from every facet of life !
Ideally, I should be able to embrace change - all it requires is a change in perspective. I have realized in the last year how deeply ingrained certain beliefs are. I always believed that one should strive hard to give his/her best in any given circumstance. By extension, taking a break - even a small one was an excuse to indulge in laziness. (wrong belief, I know - can't seem to get over it !) This thought can however be quite counter-productive at times. I was dragging myself to work even in the middle of serious illness and I really don't have anything much to show for it - today, as I look back, I don't know why I did it ! I would never know whether taking a more prolonged break would have been helpful - my situation did not worsen because of my dog-headedness and maybe, if I had stayed home longer, the idle mind would have actually become the devil's workshop !
Note to self: Stop justifying non-sensical behaviour !
There are certain bridges that are quite dynamic and the best way to cross it is to improvise after you reach there. Hence one of the guiding principles of this year is 'Take each day as it comes'.
The last time I got a whole lot of time to myself was when I was 18. We had a six month break in between my 12th and Engineering. Like all 18 year olds, I squandered away that time. The only things I remember having done was get a driving license (which has been of no use in later life) and write prolific letters to my future husband (that atleast had some results :P) . This time around, I hope I can make better use of the time I will have ! And with that, I come to my new year wishes for all of you dear readers:
Wishing You Plenty of Time to Indulge in Things That You Love,
No time to fret or fear,
Happiness and Health in Abundance
And the presence of Loved Ones Always !


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