Cocktail Time Again

The result of the first cocktail has been a heady mix of unconditional love, compassion, random acts of affection, and humurous dialogues along with bull-headedness, a penchant for perfection and steely determinism.

Unlike what was originally thought, lady has contributed quite a bit. As hubby says 'He looks like me, but the internal wiring is all yours !"

We, as mixers have done it again ! Results of cocktail round 2 eagerly awaited !


Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Tinkerbells & K! I kind of guessed from your last post though😉
Meena chechi
Tinkerbells said…
Meena chechi, Thanks !!! You are one of the first in the family to know !
Anonymous said…
Preethi here :)
Tinkerbells said…
Hey Preethi, Thanks..have een wanting to get in touch with you. How can I get access to your blog???

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