Ages since I posted here...This time around, I hope to be more consistent...Let's see...I didn't write the usual birthday post for my son, nor did I write the yearly recap or the new year post...Last year was a year of consolidation. Both myself and hubby dear had one goal each, which was paramount to both of us. Both of us made a lot of sacrifices to help reach our own goal as well as to help the other person reach the goal. Unfortunately, neither of us got what we wanted, so there was not even a scope of vicarious happiness...We are almost over it now...After all close to two months of mourning is itself quite huge for something very material in life...As with all setbacks in life, I believe both of us have emerged stronger, and probably there was a life lesson or two in the whole process...For starters, we decided not to visit the temple where we prayed religiously last year :P
The year of course had its share of happiness - we finally learned to manage kid and job by ourselves, though we also realise that we do not want to do it in the long term...We visited Europe for the first time in our lives and it was hectic, but at least good enough for us to decide that we would come back...I also managed to save up enough money to...well, not enough to do anything major with, but at least enough to boost my economic confidence one level higher...The year also made me dream a different dream! That I guess is the biggest achievement of the year....It gave me enough hope to plan for 2012.
2012 is going to be a year of experiments for me...I am no longer willing to put all my eggs in one basket...The unfulfilled goal of last year is still a goal this year for both of us and I am sure this year we will both manage to get our respective rewards! I am also going to try a lot of different things in all aspects of my life.
There is going to be some major changes in the personal,career,home, marriage and parenting fronts! I am confident of making it all work...
Here is Wishing All of You the Power to Dream and the Luck to Make Them Come True !


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