Happy Birthday

Not physically near you,

No midnight phone calls,

No surprise gifts…

There are shared worries about running a house,

Keeping a job,

Managing emotions and egos…

Still, there is warmth, hope, love and magic…

Because you are there

With that goofy smile,

With your quirky sense of humor,

With your caring ways …

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

P.S. Hubby has enrolled himself for a marathon study program comprising of 12 hour non-stop sessions for a week at the ripe old age of 30. I really admire his perseverance and academic orientation :P


Anonymous said…
Happy B'day! Has it been an year since you wrote about lucky numbers and all that? BTW, 30 is still green for a doc. I know several docs here who are still 'ripening' at 40:).

-Meena chechi
Tinkerbells said…
haha meena chechi. I have told K to wrap up his studies before baby starts his!

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