What Will I Do?

Well, after my previous introspective blog that I wrote in a haste, I really thought about life in general. And while I am a huge fan of resolutions and goal setting, I sometimes don't get what I want at the end of the year, mostly because priorities and life situations change very quickly and a year is a fairly long time. So, this time around I have decided to take baby steps - I am going to have one self improvement goal for every two weeks. And if I am able to stick with it, then I will add one more at the end of two weeks. That way, at the end of the year I will be a better person in 25 different ways. And if death comes calling unexpectedly, I can at least die with the satisfaction that I was a better person today than yesterday!

Since I always love a challenge, I am going to try something that is extremely difficult - to be patient with my son! Yea, it may sound silly and simple to the rest of you out there, but every day at some moment or the other my son really exasperates me and I feel "Oh my God !" . I
haven't smacked him yet, but I invariably take out my frustrations by screaming at him - and even if it lasts just 10 seconds or less, I feel terrible about it. The causes would usually be his refusal to eat his meals or his insistence on playing with the computer just when I decide to type something out. And what is worse, sometimes I am in a foul mood and even for no fault of his end up taking it out on him. So, I am going to start identifying the triggers and stop the triggers itself. Let me see if I succeed in not raising my voice at my son for the next two weeks!

Will keep you all posted on the progress.

Today is Feb 24th and the end date would be March 10th.


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