Moving My Cheese

After much debate between the mother and the professional in me, I have finally decided to move to a different city in search of a better job (hopefully). I had never understood why everyone seemed too keen on becoming an adult, as it seemed as if adulthood was mundane and boring with a whole host of responsibilities. But recently I have begun to feel differently. I can now actually answer the question "Where do you see yourselves 5 years down the line?" in a very clear manner. I know that life can throw curve balls at me, but at least for now the vision is clear. And the answer is not some crappish MBA gyan that you give your recruiter!

My only apprehension is about my son. I hope he would learn to adapt himself to the changes in life and not get unduly hurt in the process. His primary caregiver (no, not me) is going off to the US and I am not sure how he will handle it.

On other news, after scaring my pants off, my son has finally gained the confidence to take baby steps all by himself. He is also becoming more comfortable around strangers. (this was more important for his dad, I couldn't care less :)). The next target for me is to teach him to hold a glass and drink by himself!

Different mothers have different parenting styles and they all want the best for their kids. Personally, I would consider myself successful if I can teach him to be independent, kind and loving. Yea, and also the ability to express himself tactfully! (which is something I am still learning although I have managed to keep quiet far more than I would have 10 years before). The rest I believe will come naturally, though I am not sure I will feel the same after he starts his school. I have already started getting advice about play schools though my son is hardly a year and a half. I wonder what is the right age for play schools or whether like toilet training there are some signs I can watch out for, to say how ready he is!

My hubby has always been telling me that all that prevented me was a fear to move my cheese and it was his encouragement primarily that helped me take this decision. I am glad he is a gentleman who does not have a problem supporting his wife's ambitions!
And not to forget a kind soul who managed to extend a loving hand from literally down under to pull me up when I was feeling down! Yea, such are the ironies of life that someone staying below you can actually pull you up :P


Anonymous said…
Which city? All the best to you! I did not quite understand - "someone staying below you can actually pull you up" Whatever happened to K?:)

-Meena chechi.
Hi.. All the best. I ve always lukd up to your posts to draw inspiration and feel that some how i find answers to my problems in them. Keep posting....
Tinkerbells said…
@meenachechy: well the last para was abt a kind friend from aussieland...and ofcourse k is there, but sometimes when u marry ur best friend then u need to search for another friend to crib abt ur hubby :P
@anon: thnks for the kind wrds...keep visiting
Anonymous said…
Sorry! I missed the one sentence just before that one, so I thought you were still talking about K when you said 'staying below'. Had me totally confused!:).
BTW, Ur Vikram aur Vethal post had me in splits:) Especially, the catch it-pop it routine:) Though the ending was totally unfunny, it played out like a sitcom. The lengths we go so as to not annoy truly annoying people!
-Meena chechi
Tinkerbells said…
@meenachechy: yea, i was actually quite funny on hindsight :P

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