Random Doubts

Some questions that have crossed my mind last week, in no particular order of significance:
1. If we could actually hear God talking to us, how would that be?
2. When you say something and your friend responds in the line of - "but that's not the topic of discussion", is your friend being rude or are you being hyper-sensitive ?
3. Is physical stamina the most underrated ingredient in happy parenting?
4. What are the small things that make a big difference to your loved ones?
5. Much as I like to think of myself as a broad minded individual, what are some of the prejudices that i still have?
6. Is it ok to mix spirituality with charity? Most charities that I wish to support have a clear religious leaning and I am having a problem with that. I am not sure why.
7. Does it require more strength to be an atheist or a believer? The doubting middle path of course, is the easiest :)
As the festive season rolls in, maybe, I will spend more time in introspection and turn some of the answers into resolutions for the New Year.


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