I have never lived in a colony, but have very fond memories of life in a colony. Every vacation, we used to visit cousins who lived in a colony. My fondness was due to several reasons:

- The houses looked similar, (but were not carbon copies like some villa projects these days)
- The roads were semi-private - i.e mostly were used only by residents who were careful about children who cycle around and play street football or cricket
- It was self-sufficient - there was a post-office, playground,grocery shop and vegetable shop right inside the colony and a bus-stop and auto-stand right outside
- There were a lot of children who were our age-group , which meant vacations were great fun
- You could easily get lost in the cob-web of roads inside the colony , but never truly be lost 'cos whichever way you walked you had to sooner or later reach home... (well,hubby dear would have a different story to tell, about how I made him go round and round in circles inside that colony in the dead of the night for close to an hour before I let him ask for directions :P)

All in all I guess the residents of that colony had the right amount of close-knitted feel amongst them without having to step onto each others toes...I miss having friends with whom I can just be :(


Anonymous said…
Yes, probably so it is

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