Life's Little Ironies

It's strange how life treats you sometimes ! There was a point in my life when all I wanted was some human company...anybody to atleast just talk to...And today I have so many people around me that all I look for is some "me-time"...
I was looking forward to the extended weekend - planning to watch a movie after ages, and also catch up on a lot of things - books, spring cleaning, time with hubby et al...However baby is sick and the house is in chaos...And I did the unthinkable...left everything behind and came to office...the silence is just charming...Talk about work-life balance :P


alex said…
Been busy with academics. Dropped in to say HI. :)
Tinkerbells said…
@alex: Hello !!! Loong time...great to see u where have acads reached? :)
alex said…
Completed MA Economics. Applying for Mphil Economics, for which, we need to clear an entrnace test as well as an interview.

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