Two New Passions

Ever since I entered the corporate jungle my constant grouse was that my brain hardly gets challenged. I mean, there are new things to learn everyday, but there is nothing that keeps my brain stretched ! Recently I have found two new passions – crossword and quizzing..

Quizzing is an old favorite – I was an avid quizzer in school, but put a full stop to it once I entered college, as decisions regarding teams representing the college were most often based on party politics ! Recently, I participated in the Tata Crucible quiz woefully under prepared, but atleast it rekindled an old passion..I have now subscribed to several quizzing blogs and it’s a challenge to ensure that all the business trivia that I read in the business papers are remembered for the weekly quizzes that appear in these blogs…You may, like my hubby ask me what is the point of collecting all these trivia in my brain…My answer is simple - I enjoy it !

Crosswords – now this was something I always wanted to attempt as a child, but there was no one to tell me how to go about it…But now, I have started trying to solve the Hindu crossword on a daily basis, I am still a rookie and the only clues I manage to solve are the anagrams and the direct clues…Other cryptic clues still escape me..I always look at the solutions the next day and try to figure out how answers were arrived it – sometimes, I fail to even identify that – that’s how fresh I am to this game ! One day, I was sitting with the puzzle and pen in my hand when my mom asked “How do you play this game?” and I said “It’s complicated, I’ll explain some other time”…The hurt expression on her face made me feel bad, but truth is I myself haven’t figured it out properly, but someday, before its too late, I hope I can tell her whatever little I know atleast !

Now that my brain is getting enough exercise, the next challenge is physical exercise …that of course will require far more motivation !


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