Life's Like That - 10

The results of the gene cocktail are out ! Hubby won hands down in the looks department...Apparently lady's contribution is 0% !


bombay dosti said…
Have your fun of your lifetime!
So have you named the baby?
Anu said…
He looks lovely!! :)
Anonymous said…
He is cute!!You're right. He has K written all over:)Not that famous nose though:)

-Meena chechi
Congrats Lady!!

Pass my love to the baby.
Hope the amma is doing great.

Tinkerbells said…
@bd: yep ...enjoying's name is Siddharth
@anu: thanks :)
@meena chechi : I'm still hopeful abt the nose :P
@nikhil: yep, mom and baby learning to adjust to each other :)
Swathi said…
i just came to know that u have become a mom... i know u didnt scream from top of roof, but u cud hsve podtrd his pic in ur orkut, at least....
i still cant belive the 13 yr old girl i knew became a mother...
ehhh....does that make me ancient?
Tinkerbells said…
@swathi: orkut...mmm waiting to get a good pic of him...13 yrs...that seems a loong time bac..:) ancient...hehe definitely not, since we belong to the same generation :P

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