It's been a year...

You painted rainbows in the cloudy skies of my mind
You taught me to enjoy the roller-coaster called "life"
When others failed their promises, you cushioned the blows.

You've humoured my moods, tolerated my culinary skills (or lack of it) ,
Encouraged my dreams, and loved me in your own special way :)

It's been a year, since it's been official...
But you've made me realise there is nothing official about it -
You are and will always be my best friend.

Thank you, hubby dear...
For being mine and making me yours !!!


Sarah said…
Happy Anniversary..
Tinkerbells said…
@sarah: Thank you...your wish has made my day special
alex said…

Good to have you around. :)
Anonymous said…
Has it been a year? Wow!! Happy anniversary to you both. Give our best regards to K.
Meena chechi.
Tinkerbells said…
@meena chechi: thnks...yes, it seems like yesterday,but that's how time flies :)
will convey regards to him..
div said…
Hey...belated anniversary wishes to both of u :)

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