Yet Again !!!

Here is a conversation that happened on my yet-another-torture-trip to meet 'friends and family'...this time in the name of the Lord !!! Yes, the setting was a Pooja organized by my hubby's relations and since I didn't want to offend the Gods above and the realtives below and hubby didn't want to miss the excellent food, we dragged ourselves there...with a friendly advice from hubby to "have a sense of humour"....So here goes my humorous encounter with the inevitable question-answer session....

Q: Oh, u've really lost weight !!
A: Oh, you've really lost ur sight :)

Q: When are you shifting back?
A: As soon as you shift to my town, i'll shift to yours

Q: Isn't it quite expensive to fly down every weekend?
A: Yea, so when are you starting a cheaper airline?

Q: So do you have someone to help you with the cooking and cleaning?
A: No, the post is still vacant....and you are free to apply

By now, I was quite ready for another round, but needless to say, there were no worthy opponents :P


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