Weirdos !!!

One thing that I have been blessed with in life are friends who are absolute weirdos !!! Who never cease to amaze me by their extremely predictable weird ways which never cease to surprise ...yea, I know that's quite oxymoronic...predictable surprises...but my weirdo friends also happen to be brilliant and creative and hence no match for my wits !!! (Well, I even have a friend who keeps reminding me that his singular purpose of existence is to raise my intellectual levels to match his')

So this post is dedicated to all these wonderful people who have nothing better to do with their corporate paid time than log on to Gmail and chat away to glory....True to their eccentricities, they will always have their status set to busy, so that they can respond to a "Busy?" from my side with a "Not for you, dear" always !!! And I know for a fact that this response goes to anyone who cares to ask them the question :P

Well, to be fair to them, they usually never start a conversation, the one and only exception being when I change my tag line (or in some cases, forget to change it)....So here goes a few priceless gems in the form of responses to my tag lines....

Tag: "Either I am mad or the rest of the world is"
Immediate & Simultaneous Response from all online friends: "No doubt , it's you"

Tag: "Lunch" (which poor me forgets to change once I am back, so time is now 6:00 PM)
Response from all those harried friends who have decided to log on to Gmail after a looong and tiring day at work (read, orkutting away) : "Wow, that's a real loong lunch you are having !!! What R U doing?"

This time the response comes one by one as and when they log in but definitely within 2 minutes of seeing the green light against their Honourable names and before they even change it to red :P

Tag: "Working on a Holiday" (set by poor me who is asked to slog over a Sunday)
Response on Monday Morning (as soon as I log in into Gmail and b'fore I get a chance to change my tag line) : "It's Monday - How is it a Holiday for you???"

Tag: "On the Training train" (My crib about the inevitable corporate gyaan session that I am attending)
Response (again spontaneous): "You didn't get a flight?" (This time in their respective native languages)

More of these later....


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